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Here at Rikoi Engineering, we have an eager support staff waiting to help deal with your Chain & Sprockets enquiry. With a little information, our technical sales department will be able to guide and advise you on the best chain for the application, and give you a fast and reliable quote for your requirement.

For existing applications or 'like for like' replacements as per As per BS, ANSI, JIS, METRIC And DIN Standards we have semi-processed components ready to assemble & supply on short notice.

We would be happy to receive samples of your existing chains, giving you piece of mind that any replacement will be ‘like for like’. Alternatively, to receive dimensions or drawings from engineers familiar with Chains & Sprockets, or simply receive an enquiry from you.

We also offer support and design services for conveyor chain ancillary items, such as Sprockets & Slat Assemblies. By offering our chains and ancillary items as a package, we are able to design a complete solution based around your requirements.




In-house tool-making facilities ensure that our press shop and machining centers continue manufacturing first stage components. Once we have produced a customized chain part we consider it part of our standard chain series, with tools and die sets ready to be re-used whenever our client requires. We have an experienced team of operators and engineers, working on modern machinery to provide high quality, repeatable components.


Raw-material is supplied to our specification tested by a local stockiest, ensuring that material is delivered quickly, ready for machining into components. All machining work is carried to exacting tolerances and standards. All components are inspected after machining, before any further processing takes place, helping to ensure the quality of our product and reducing any production delays.


Most of our link plates are manufactured using punches, ensuring tight tolerances and repeatability. We have a number of hydraulic and mechanical presses ranging from 20 tons to 200 tons available, depending upon the required duty of the link plates to be manufactured.


We often manufacture conveyor chains with ‘integral’ attachments. By punching and bending the links and attachments in house, we are able to ensure that tight tolerances are adhered to. Link plates are inspected before any further processing occurs, helping to ensure the quality of our products, whilst minimizing any production delays.


All our Components are Heat Treated to increase the working load of the chains, while keeping the chains overall weight to a minimum. Heat treatment is carried out by our trusted suppliers. By working with long standing and monitored suppliers, we can ensure that they have experience with not only our components, but also our grades of steel.


Variety of Coasting options are available to suit different needs of every industry, such as
• Zinc plating
• Nickel plating
• Galvanising
• Misc coatings upon request


Final assembly is carried out after all components have been checked against their required specification; post any further treatments such as coating. Our experienced assembly engineers use jigs, presses and automated riveting machines in order to achieve a high quality and repeatable process/finish. Once a chain has been assembled, it is quality checked to tight tolerances by our inspection engineers, before being packaged and shipped to our customers for installation.